Our expert translators:
globally local

They represent our quality – and your success: 1,800 expert translators, carefully hand-​picked for you.

There are currently more than 1,800 freelance translators working for techtrans around the world. All of our translators are native speakers living in the target language country, and all of them know the local dos and don’ts.

What we require of techtrans translators:

  • Excellent command of the source language
  • Technical background from a technical qualification, studies and/​or years of professional experience
  • Knowledge of current language developments in the target country
  • Ability to use the right target group language for different media

Your personal translator – there for you

We select our translator team very carefully and always use the same translators on your projects. This ensures that terminology and style remain consistent. If a translator is unavailable for a project, we will inform you in good time. It goes without saying that you can get in touch with your translator at any time.

It’s not just our customers that feel welcome at techtrans – our freelance translators enjoy working for us too. Some have worked for us for many years.