Our goal: more quality, lower costs

It is our goal to increase the quality and legal compliance of your texts and reduce costs. As technical documentation often contains up to 80% identical text, state-​of-​the-​art translation memory tools offer numerous benefits.

Reduce translation costs – increase quality

Translation memory systems are typographic composition databases which store phrases and sentences that have already been translated. They do not constitute translation programs per se as every single translation is created “by hand” by our translators.

If a sentence reappears in a text, the software will suggest the existing translation and the translator will then decide whether to use it or change it. This means all identical sentences are only translated once, allowing costs to be reduced dramatically. Furthermore, the same text passages are always translated the same.

Terminology database for consistent language

Optimum support for work using a TM system is provided in the form of a monolingual or multilingual terminology database created especially for your company. This guarantees consistent wording worldwide and ensures:

  • Translators have fewer rounds of corrections and spend less time and effort on research
  • Lower costs thanks to a higher rate of concordance in our translation memory tools
  • Better document quality by always using uniform terms and formulations

Available worldwide – for translators, editors and employees

When creating your terminology database, we either extract your specialist terminology form existing translations, or add them during translation. This database will then be available worldwide both for your employees and our translators – throughout all stages of the process and just in time.