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We process and prepare your data using all conventional and sector-​specific software applications, including:


Text files (*.txt, *.csv)

In information technology, a text file is a file that contains displayable characters. These can be subdivided by control characters such as line and page breaks. The counterpart to a text file is a binary file. Basically, text files are also stored in binary, but the terms are used complementarily, because the interpretation of the binary content is the deciding factor: In a text file, the content is interpreted as a sequence of characters of a character set; in a binary file, the content can be interpreted in any number of ways.”

Source: Wikipedia – “Textdatei” (translated from German)

AutoCAD (*.dwg, *dxf)

AutoCAD was developed as a graphic drawing editor by AutoDesk. AutoCAD was mainly used as a simple CAD program with programming interfaces for creating technical drawings. The product range now encompasses an extensive 3D function for modelling objects and special extensions for engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, interior architects, and designers, as well as for geo-​informatics engineers, building service engineers, and general structural engineers.

InDesign (*.indd, *.inx, *.idml)

Adobe InDesign is a professional layout and typographic composition program for desktop publishing. It is primarily used in advertising agencies and by freelance graphic artists, but also by printers and publishers.

Illustrator (*.ai)

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-​based graphics and drawing program. It is used to create computer graphics that can be changed to any size without losing their quality; this is a contrast to pixel-​based image processing programs, e.g. Photoshop.

Photoshop (*.psd, *. psb)

Adobe Photoshop is an image processing program (primarily) for pixel graphics of the US American software company Adobe Systems. The program is the global market leader and dominant in the field of image processing and pre-​press. Photoshop is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, a collection of graphic and design programs and, like most other Adobe applications, is available for the Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

FrameMaker (*.fm, *.mif)

Adobe FrameMaker is an industry solution for authoring and publishing multilingual technical content for mobile devices, the web, desktops and print. The program’s strengths lie in technical documentation which can encompass thousands of pages.

Interleaf (*.iascii)

Interleaf software is very popular with technical writers for creating and publishing manuals and operating instructions.

Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx, *.dot)

Microsoft Word is a word processing program from Microsoft. Word is by far the most used word processing program in the world.

Microsoft Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx)

Microsoft Excel is part of the Microsoft Office Suite and the most widely distributed spreadsheet program.

Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt, *.pptx)

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program from Microsoft for Windows and macOS operating systems.

Microsoft Publisher (*.pup)

Microsoft Publisher is desktop publishing software that enables the user to create publications for print, websites, e‑mail headlines and product presentations.

Open Office Writer (*.odt, *.ott)

Writer can be used to write and design short texts such as letters, standard letters, memos, labels, business cards, as well as extensive pieces like books or multi-​part documents with tables, or tables of content, indexes, and bibliographies.

Open Office Calc (*.ods, *.ots)

In Calc, data is processed, analysed, managed, and illustrated in tables. It allows data to be arranged, saved, and filtered. Areas of use: elementary mathematics, finances, statistics, date and time.

Open Office Impress (*.odp, *.otp)

Impress can be used to create presentation slides with animations and different backgrounds. Diagrams, drawn objects, multimedia elements and many other ones can be added to presentations. Individual slides can be given different transitional effects.

Open Office Draw (*.odg, *.otg)

Draw is a vector-​based program enabling creation of no-​loss, scalable 2D vector graphics including three-​dimensional effects. Draw processes standard basic geometric elements, splines and Bézier curves and can carry out basic shading and light source manipulation.

Open Office Base (*.odb)

The database management system (DBMS) Base is able to store large amounts of data which it makes available for requests and reports. It manages relational databases where data is entered in table form.

PageMaker (*.pmd, *p65)

Adobe PageMaker is a desktop publishing program from Adobe Systems; its development discontinued in 2002 with Version 7.0.

QuarkXPress (*.qxd)

QuarkXPress is a frame-​oriented layout program from the US American manufacturer Quark Inc. It is used by advertising agencies, freelance graphic artists, and pre-​press service providers, but also by printers and publishers.

Markup and programming languages (*.xml, *.xliff, *.html, *.resx, TeX)

A markup language (ML) is a machine-​readable language for structuring and formatting texts and other data. The best-​known model is the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the core language of the World Wide Web.

GUIs (*.exe, *.dll, *.ocx, *. lng, *.rc, *.dlg)

Graphical user interface (GUI) denotes a form of computer user interface. It has the task of making application software usable on a computer by means of graphic symbols and control elements, also called widgets. This is mainly achieved on computers using a mouse as the control device to select or activate the graphic elements; in the case of smartphones, tablets and kiosk systems this is generally achieved by touching a sensor screen.

Corel Ventura (*.vp)

Corel Ventura is a typographic composition program from Corel Corporation, designed for large bodies of text.

CorelDraw (*.cdr)

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a collection of graphics and image processing software from the Corel Corporation particularly found on Windows systems.

Macromedia Freehand (*.fh)

FreeHand from Adobe is a vector-​based graphics and drawing program, mainly used by graphic artists, illustrators, graphics designers, cartographers, designers and artists.

Vector files (*.eps, *.ai, *.svg)

A vector graphic is a computer graphic composed of graphic primitives such as lines, circles, polygons or general curves (splines). The term vector graphics usually refers to representations whose primitives can be depicted in two dimensions on a plane. An image description based on three-​dimensional primitives is called a 3D model or scene; the creation of two-​dimensional line and surface graphics and photo-​realistic images from such 3D models is called image synthesis or rendering.

For example, to save the image of a circle, a vector graphic requires at least two values: the position of the circle centre and the circle diameter. In addition to the shape and position of the primitives, the colour, line width, various filling patterns and other data determining the appearance may also be specified.”

Source: Wikipedia – Vector graphics (translated from German)

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