Risk assessment: identifying and averting hazards

Do you have neither the time, nor the capacity to create legally certain risk assessments? Then put your trust in techtrans expertise.

Not only technical documentation is required when putting a machine into service, but also preparation of a risk assessment. This is defined, for example, in the Machinery Directive (2006/​42/​EC). However, the risk assessment is still frequently ignored or misunderstood. Applied correctly, the established risks and safety loopholes will result in protective measures that will make your product safer and any subsequent, expensive rectification of defects superfluous.

Analysis and assessment by skilled techtrans professionals

A risk assessment is always based on a previous risk analysis. Both processes go through a system-​led procedure at techtrans which ensures that all steps are observed and documented, as well as still being completely verifiable years later. Staff come from a variety of professional backgrounds such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction, power electronics, and control technology, bringing their technical knowledge into the mix to work closely with their security teams.

The risk assessment undertaken by techtrans complies with verification documentation according to DIN EN ISO 12100:2010. Following thorough assessment, techtrans will provide you with a verification document to be used as the basis for your CE declaration of conformity or CE manufacturer’s declaration. This means you will be on the safe side.