Technical diagrams and illustrations: providing information beyond language barriers

techtrans will provide you with complete technical documentation from under one roof – including graphics and animations. From the first draft drawing to 3D animation.

Time is money. The faster complex technical correlations can be captured with the aid of graphic representations and diagrams, the greater the satisfaction of both your customers and your sales or marketing staff. However, illustrations not only increase the quality of your technical communication, they can also be understood across the bounds of culture and language. This also saves on translation expenses.

Technical support for all media

Our specialists can create concise visual information from your photos, CAD documents, or diagrams, which you can then use to assist you in many business areas, customised to specific target groups and the most varied of communication channels. From traditional print through to all the latest communication channels.

Our range of services includes:

  • Illustrations for schematic process mapping
  • 3D graphics for overview and exploded diagrams
  • Videos and photo-​realistic animations which can be called up by app on tablets and smartphones and provide valuable guidance directly at the machine