Our consulting objective: better translations, lower costs

We understand and utilise numerous methods for optimising your translation processes and organising them more efficiently – from the creation of content to preparation and global availability via all relevant forms of media.

techtrans offers you all the services you need to fully hone your translation and communication processes at every single stage. In the process, we always focus on the three major techtrans objectives: reducing costs, saving time, and increasing quality.

Analysing your source texts

Smart translation processes at techtrans begin with the creation of content.

  1. Is the content technically correct?
  2. Have all laws and standards been considered?
  3. Have the texts been created with target groups in mind?

Reviewing potential cost savings

Coördinated translation processes reduce the effort involved in terms of time and money.

  • Have the texts been optimised for translation?
  • Do they only contain relevant information?
  • Are they structured in modules?
  • Have graphics, images or pictograms been used?

Selecting the best specialist translators for the job

Only highly qualified translators are used who are native speakers of the translation’s target language, and who have relevant experience in their field of expertise.

Using state-​of-​the-​art CAT systems

Computer-​aided translation technologies that perfectly meet project requirements increase productivity and ensure quality through the use of translation memory systems and terminology data bases.

Optimising your translation management

Documents professionally prepared by techtrans will allow you to get the best out of your translation management.