Documentation methods: We know what is important

Which documentation methods make the most sense? Ultimately, your product is what will decide that one. An approach will be used that both supports process sequences and minimises liability risk.

Multiple sides fast, in legally-​compliant, top quality: our range of documentation methods helps to keep costs down and minimise the liability risk to protect you, the manufacturer, from any claims for damages.

Together we will look at documentation methods and determine which ones best fit into your processes and ensure maximum consistency of your translations:

  • We analyse your products, target groups, gathering of information and risks in order to identify the need for action and to work out concepts and solutions.
  • We check whether an editorial system makes the procedures involved easier, which translation tools improve the processes and reduce costs, and how terminology can be used beneficially to allow writing to be both cost-​effective and produce the best translations.
  • Once the analysis is complete, we define the processes and generate an editorial guideline.
  • We optimise XML data exchange so you can use your technical documents and translations on different platforms.