Achieve your objectives with efficient processes

techtrans stands for 100% service. This entails thinking in terms of processes – your processes – and integrating our work into your valued added chain.

If you would like to make not only your production, but also your communication and information technology an efficient component in your processes techtrans can provide you with the necessary tools.

We will work closely with you to coördinate our work with your workflow and integrate our services into your overall process.

Our consultation not only encompasses any potential savings in costs, but also the selection of sales channels, distribution formats, or support in legal issues. We are the one to contact, and always on hand, to answer any queries you may have.

techtrans has its own departments to work with all important subdivisions to ensure your requirements are properly met. These include: quotation, project and quality management, technical documentation, terminology management, translation management, and our quality assurance.

We review automation options, and integrate your documentation and translations into the technologies of Industrie 4.0; this includes the import and automatic checking out of the required texts from your editing system, quality controls, and automated distribution via all distribution channels.

In the process, we always follow a clearly defined approach – otherwise known as our OASIS model. To achieve your overall objective we break down the process into individual steps.

Actual situation
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