Staff development
with techtrans e‐​learning

Tailoring the transfer of knowledge to specific target groups is one of the techtrans core competencies. Benefit from this skill in the field of e‐​learning.

techtrans will give your interactive training documents a whole new dimension. Indeed, techtrans will apply the expertise you need to provide you with top‐​quality training materials, including:

  • Our cumulative technical knowledge about your products that we prepare for instructional and syntactical use to reflect the latest findings.
  • Individual adaptation to different cultural groups.
  • Our technical knowledge that we make available in every form and 100% reproducible for your training courses worldwide. Whether that is web‐​based, to SCORM standard or as on‐​site training.

We will provide you with product training, sessions on conduct, and training documents or videos – covering exactly the content you specify.

techtrans will help you provide your employees with the perfect learning framework in a digital environment. E‐​learning materials keep travel costs and downtimes to a minimum, are always up‐​to‐​date in terms of knowledge content, and available to all of your employees any time anywhere.