Your experienced partner in the field of defence

Technical communication in the area of defence requires knowledge about logistic processes in the armed forces. Talk to the experts at techtrans.

The combination of technical documentation and linguistic translation skills is of particular relevance in the area of defence. techtrans offers you both: creation of the documentation and its translation, thereby providing you with all communications from one source.

The services we offer:

  • Technical writers from all three forces: by soldiers for soldiers
  • Experience gained from a multitude of defence projects
  • Huge amount of experience when it comes to classified documents
  • Writing optimised for translation on account of existing military terminology, also making it cost-effective
  • Implementation of international standards such as S1000D in a CSDB
  • Implementation in accordance with traditional national drafting regulations, such as H011, M011 and GAF T.O.

techtrans is a member of

tekom Deutschland e.V., the German association for technical communication

The association for technical communication – tekom Deutschland e.V.– has around 8,000 members, making it the largest trade association for technical communication in Europe. It serves as a platform for the exchange of information and experience, and promotes training and education of its members and their gaining of professional qualifications.

Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Wehrtechnik e.V. Studiengesellschaft der DWT mbH

The German Association for Defence Technology (DWT) is a non-​profit organisation dedicated to matters dealing with German national security. It was founded in 1957 on the initiative of the German Ministry of Defence’s Armaments Directorate (BMVg). It has approximately 270 supporting member firms and some 870 individual members.

The SME Study Group (AKM – Arbeitskreis Mittelstand) belonging to the DWT was established at the beginning of 2000. Its objective has always been to increase awareness for small and medium-​sized enterprises in terms of their power of innovation, flexibility and cost-​effectiveness, demonstrate how their coöperation with big industry and the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) plays a significant role in meeting demands, and how this benefits Germany’s position as a business location.

Blauer Bund e.V.

Founded 26 years ago, the Blauer Bund e.V. has a large number of members, making it the largest syndicate for logistics, armament and utilisation in Germany. The Blauer Bund e.V. is a nationwide corporation according to the German law governing associations. It has a Federal Board and 10 fellowships dispersed across Germany which attend to our more than 1000 members, meet up regularly, hold events, and provide information about current projects.