Gillian H. – translator from England

I’ve been working as a freelancer for techtrans for about two years. techtrans has been well established on the market for a long time and has a long-​term, loyal client base. This always means interesting orders for the translators.

techtrans staff are extremely professional and treat the translators with respect and in a business-​like manner. As an example, I’d just like to mention the timely, reliable payment – an extremely important aspect which helps to establish long-​term coöperation. techtrans makes sure that the same translators work for the same clients, which improves the quality and consistency of their translations. Instructions and communication on the part of techtrans are clear and easy to understand. Reasonable deadlines are scheduled.

I recently visited techtrans in beautiful Boppard and was able to experience first-​hand the good work atmosphere in the company where the emphasis is on teamwork. I am really pleased about working with techtrans.