Emmanuelle B. – translator from Spain

I’ve been working as a self-​employed technical translator for techtrans since 2005, specialising in engineering. Working with them is an absolute pleasure.

The project managers are efficient approachable, and lovely. They make sure they only give me projects that are within my specialist fields, because they know that it’s not enough just to be a good translator; rather, it’s much more important to give me a subject that I know inside out. techtrans attaches great importance to terminology, which plays a crucial role in the quality of a project. Dialogue is always open with the project managers and we, the translators, are encouraged to provide suggestions for the choice of terminology, or suggest changes.

The project managers play an essential role in liaising with the customer. In case of doubt regarding a term, the project manager will pass our queries straight onto the customer and give us their answer as quickly as possible – usually on the same day. For all its professionalism, what impresses me the most is the relaxed atmosphere in the techtrans team. There’s real mutual respect between us and always time for a bit of small talk, or joke or two.

I really appreciate working with techtrans and look to the future with confidence, because in my opinion their professionalism and extremely high level of project quality will guarantee their position on the translation market long-​term as well as customer satisfaction.